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School Rebuild Information

We moved in to our new school at the end of October 2015.
A timeline of events concerning the rebuild are detailed below.


September 2015

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July 2015

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June 2015

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February 2015

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December 2014

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November 2014

Following a site visit from our Governors we can report that the re-build continues to build momentum!
The Governors were able to have a tour of the site (including accessing the roof) and were all impressed by the size and scale of the project, with many commenting on what the impact will be for our pupils having all this space.
Lots of work continues away from the site, with meetings taking place to discuss the requirements in some of the specialist areas and planning for the high-tech equipment that will be needed. Meetings are also taking place to focus on the external areas, ensuring that these are stimulating and safe for the pupils. Additional trees will be added to the site, and these will be going in over the coming weeks to help them be established before the area is occupied.
As part of these plans, the school will be commissioning a bespoke piece of play equipment that will be fully accessible for all in the centre of the outside area and other exciting pieces of additional equipment funded through charity donations we have received over the past year. Interior meetings have also been taking place with the interior design team and we are finalising plans with how the school can look welcoming and friendly, without providing
distractions for those pupils who can become over stimulated.
Plans are also being discussed for the actual move, and further details will be provided as soon as these plans are in place.

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October 2014

I am writing following another successful site visit from our Re-build Committee! The pupils were able to get into the site and explore the space and size—Isaac and Jade noted the planned width of the corridors and commented on how there will be no more traffic jams! The pupils were amazed and thoroughly enjoyed this experience.
The building is nearly watertight with many windows in place, external walls are mostly in place, with many internal walls already being put up. Once this work is completed, the complex internal work (wiring, plumbing, etc.) can begin and we may not see any obvious changes from the outside but we have been reassured that the team will still be hard at work!

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June 2014

This week saw the Re-build Committee’s first visit to our new site!
After a Health and Safety de-brief the committee was able to view the progress of the build from a viewing platform. They saw many huge machines operating, working on the steel frame. You are now able to get a real sense of the size of our new school.
The Portesbery flag is flying proudly at the site to let everyone know who will be moving in,
in just over a years time!
The Committee will be sharing news and photos of their visit at their next department assembly. Another visit is planned before the Summer holidays when the steel frame will be finished.
We would like to thank the staff at Osborne for making this initial visit such a success and
for their time and dedication to make this and future visits happen.

More photos and progress updates are available on our facebook page.


May 2014

Following our Site Meeting earlier this week we can confirm that progress is continuing at our new site. You begin to get a sense of the size of the new school as most of the foundations are in, and the bolts to attach the steel frame are in place. The steel frame is due to arrive at the end of this month.
We have put together a committee of pupils, who will help to keep the rest of the school
community updated. This committee will consist of Josh C (FE), Jade, Josh K and Isaac
(S3), Ben (Red) and Anjum (S Ed). Hudson, the Site Manager, will be coming to school to
meet them in the next few weeks and then they will be completing their first site visit in
early June.
With the help of John, the Project Manager from Surrey CC, we are starting to plan the
logistics of a school move. We are also meeting with colleagues who have been
through this process already to learn from their experiences.

Click here to see recent photos of the site.


March 2014

The demolition has begun!
I am pleased to write that there is no longer a building on our new site. So far the demolition has gone well, with the contractors reporting 96% of material removed from the site has been recycled.
They have encountered a few issues with the weather and access, but are working at resolving any issues within a short time frame.
Monthly site meetings are taking place, which the school are attending to keep abreast of
progress. The architects continue to work alongside the School and Surrey County Council to develop the plans of the internal layout.
We are currently choosing a small group of pupils to help make some decisions and keep the other children and staff informed of new developments.

We will introduce them to you soon.

Click here to see recent photos of the site.


Wednesday 8th January 2014

It is with delight that I can confirm that the work on the site in Deepcut has begun!

The Enabling works (fencing, site containment, demolition and early drainage works to parking area) began on Monday (6th January) with a completion date of 10th March. The Main Contract Works will then begin with a finish date for the end of July 2015. A handover will then take place over the Summer Holidays, with our students returning to a brand new school in September 2015.

A lot of work has been happening behind the scenes, but now we will really begin to get a sense for the size and scale of the project.

We intend to provide a half termly newsletter for all stakeholders to keep everyone updated with current developments, as well as posting info and images on the school website and facebook page.           



Below are the architect's impressions of the new school (click on each picture to enlarge it).  

View of Main Entrance

View of Main Entrance



View of Main Hall

View of Main Hall



View of School and External Play Areas

View of School and External Play Areas