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School Policies

The Policy Planner details all the policies that the school has in place. These are overseen by the relevant Governing Body Committees. Copies of all policies are available on request.

PDF iconPolicy Planner


Click on the policies below to view them.

PDF iconAttendance Management

PDF icon Behaviour

PDF icon

Behaviour (Symbolled for students)

PDF iconCharging & Remissions

PDF icon

Child Protection & Safeguarding

PDF icon

A Brief Guide to School Complaints (Surrey County Council)

PDF iconComplaints 

PDF icon Curriculum

PDF iconEquality Policy & Single Equality Scheme

PDF iconFinance Policy

PDF icon

Home/School Agreement

PDF iconLearning & Teaching

PDF iconLettings and Community Use

PDF icon

Restrictive Physical Intervention

PDF icon

Restrictive Physical Intervention (Symbolled for students)

PDF icon

Special Educational Needs

PDF icon

Use of Images

PDF iconWhistle Blowing


N.B. These Policy documents are uploaded to the school on an annual basis. Where a review date for a policy has been reached, an updated copy can be made available from the School Office.