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School Council


  • The School Council aims to give all the pupils in the school a voice on all matters.


  • There are 8 student members of the School Council; representatives from Primary, Secondary and Post 16.
  • There are four students from Primary and four from Secondary and Post 16. They fairly represent the four houses – Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.
  • All students are eligible for election. Every student in the school is able to vote.
  • The new School Council are elected in December for the New Year.
  • Non-elected members are Adele Devine and also a Teaching Assistant.


  • School Council meetings are scheduled to take place monthly. 
  • They last for approximately 15 minutes, have an agenda, and are minuted.

Issues covered

  • All students in the school are able to contribute to meetings via their representative, either verbally or by completing a form, with support if required. 
  • The School Council takes a lead on fundraising events throughout the school, as well as looking into other relevant issues such as Healthy Schools.