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Important Information regarding the Children's Disability Register

Portesbery School has received the following information from Sally Brooks, Surrey's County Transition Advisor.

'You may not be aware that a year ago, the Children's Disability Register underwent substantial changes.  The main one of those was that the criteria for registration was substantially widened, largely to ensure that those children and young people on the autism spectrum should not be excluded.  There are now just 3 requirements for children to be registered - they must be under 18, resident in Surrey (or the responsibility of Surrey County Council) and must be able to be registered under one of the primary disability categories listed. 

Being on the Register does not mean that a child is automatically eligible for services - allocation of services is always subject to an assessment of needs.  However, the main purpose of the Register is for planning purposes, and the main benefit for parents is that they will receive information about services, activities and around transition.   

We are keen to promote the Register to parents, and encourage them to register their son or daughter.  We should therefore be grateful if you could forward this information to parents at your school - we appreciate that for some schools, most pupils will already be on the Children's Disability Register, but for others they may be able to encourage parents to register their child.  Attached is the leaflet about the Register, and the application form which can be completed electronically and then either forwarded to the Register Administrator (email address on leaflet) or printed off and sent by post.  Hard copies of both documents can be supplied if required.  Please click here for a link to the webpage on Surrey County Council's own website about the Register. 

If you have any questions arising from this email, please contact either myself or the Register Administrator on 0208 541 8792. 


Sally Brooks
County Transition Adviser
Partnership with Parents
Tel: 01737 737306

Partnership with Parents is a confidential and impartial service for parents and carers of children and young people with special or additional educational needs.'


Click the links below to download relevant material:

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Childrens Disability Register leaflet June 2010