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Our New School Uniform

The results of our uniform survey showed a clear majority in favour of a compulsory school uniform and therefore we have decided to introduce one from September 2015.

For Primary students the uniform will be a yellow polo shirt with a royal blue jumper. (Both with the school logo).

For Secondary students the uniform will be a sky blue polo shirt with a French navy jumper. (Both with the school logo). 

Students can wear their own trousers or skirts.


Order forms for the new uniforms are available by clicking the links below.

Orders received by Friday 26th June will be sent home before the end of the summer term. Late orders (received by Friday 3rd July) will be available for collection from school on Wednesday 2nd September (INSET day).


Our Post-16 department (formerly FE) will be handling the uniform orders as part of their enterprise/work experience.


If you have any questions about this please contact the school.