GSO Test

News and videos of the chicks in Blue Class!


Day 1 - Tuesday 4th May 2010

The eggs arrived at school.  If you listened carefully you could hear the chicks inside the eggs chirping.

Five eggs hatched on Day 1, while we were at school.


Day 2 - Wednesday

Overnight, two more chicks hatched out of their eggs.  First thing in the morning, before school started, one more hatched.

The chicks are very tired and like to sleep lots.

At lunchtime and after school some chicks got moved to their new home, called a brooder.

By the end of the day, 9 of the chicks had hatched, leaving only 1 more chick left in its egg.


Day 3 - Thursday

When Katie got into school this morning the last chick had hatched!

8 of the chicks are now in the brooder and the other 2 will moved in later today.

We can now hold the chicks and the children are really enjoying stroking them.

The chicks are tweeting and chirping a lot.  When you play the video below, listen carefully.  Can you hear them chirping?