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Portesbery School Ski Trip Blog

This page will be updated daily with the latest news from Sam, Clare, Kirsty, Rob, Neil and the students on their Ski Trip to Italy!

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Saturday 22nd January 

We will be spending most of Saturday (and all Sunday morning!) on the coach trip to Italy. All in all, it's over 20 hours in the coach - we should arrive at our hotel in time for lunch on Sunday.  Needless to say, we're all really looking forward to the journey!  Thank goodness for ipods, Nintendo DS, PSP's, Portable DVD players and Suduko! 859 miles!


Our LONG Journey



Monday 24th January

After an exhausting journey with very little sleep, we arrived at the hotel in time for lunch on Sunday.  After lunch we walked down to the ski shop in the village to try on our ski-boots, skis and poles.  Then it was back to the hotel for some hot chocolates followed by a shower then a sumptuous dinner.  By 9pm we were all really tired so went to our hotel rooms for a well earned sleep.

Today we all woke up early (before 7am), put on our ski clothes on and came down for breakfast (the best meal of the day - lots of fresh fruit, cereal, croissants, continental cheese, ham and salami).

We were all very excited as we hit the slopes at 9am and the pupils were put into their ski groups.  William was in the top group as this is his third year on the ski trip.  Lyndon, Lara and Juliet were also placed in advanced groups.  These four went straight to the top of the nursery and skied down very well.

As first timers, Joshua, Harry, April, Ryan and Adam all did very well and skied down the nursery slopes with help from Francesco, our Italian ski instructor, who was very impressed with them all.After a few hours of hard skiing, we all boarded the coach back to the hotel for lunch. It was a quick break as we went back to the slopes for another 2 hour ski.

In the afternoon session April had impressed so much that she got moved up into a more advanced group. The others had also impressed Francesco and progressed in their own groups.During dinner in the evening William, Joshua and April all got a certificate for being super-star skiers.

Shortly after dinner, there was a massive TV in the bar area which was used for Karaoke.  Lyndon, William, April and Juliet in particular sang their hearts out!  The children then went upstairs for another well-earned sleep, in readiness for another full day of skiing tomorrow.

More news tomorrow!  Ciao!

Tuesday 25th January

Another day on the slopes, and the sun was once again shining - not a cloud in the sky.  Our resort is surrounded by huge snow-covered mountains.  It really is stunning.

At the morning ski session Rob and William headed straight off on the ski lift as usual, whilst Lyndon, Juliet, and April went off with their resepctive ski groups.  Lara has now joined Ryan, Harry, Joshua and Adam and they are continuing to make great progress and really enjoying themselves.  Harry and Joshua are becoming really confident and we anticipate that they will be skiing independantly by the end of the week.  Adam is also improving in confidence, Ryan has stolen the hearts of the female ski instructors and everyone comments on what a speed demon Lara is.

At lunchtime, Sam, Rob and Neil took the students back to the hotel for lunch, while Kirsty and Clare took the opportunity to go skiing.  It was Kirsty's first time skiing and she skied like a pro! The instructors said she can go on the skilift tomorrow! (Chuckle chuckle). Clare however has skied before and she set off down the slopes on her own, only to to encounter an Itallian family who had strayed onto the nursery slope with their little bambino, who Clare swiftly took off their feet! It was a total wipeout with style!

In the afternoon, April impressed the instructors so much that she was allowed to go on the skilift to the top of the slopes.  She told us afterwards that she was 'a bit scared' but she had a great time.  The beginners group went all the way up to the second nursery slope and skiied all the way down. 

After dinner this evening, Harry and Lara were awarded certificates to recognise their excellent skiing and Alan (the Ski Trip leader) said that April had made the most progress of any pupil this year!

After dinner we went down to the disco and boogied the night away, and now all the pupils are tucked in bed.

Here's a couple of pictures for you to peruse!


Wednesday 26th January 

Man Down, Man down!

Ooops! Neil had a little blip on the slope and is now wearing the latest fashion in sling wear! (Aw, poor Neil!)


Back to the children.....

Today all of the children progressed very well and enjoyed skiing. Adam enjoyed his first independent ski down the slopes, closely followed by Francesco. April went up onto the second chair lift and enjoyed spectacular views of the mountains! Everyone is very impressed with her progress! William skied back to the hotel for lunch. Julliet is now independently putting on and taking off her ski boots. Harry and Joshua have impressed Francesco with their snow-ploughs.

Tonight we ventured out in to the town to a traditional Pizzeria, it was yummy! We ate ham, pepperoni and frankfurter pizzas. The frankfurters went down a storm! We've made some friends and have mixed with pupils from other schools. We were all full by the time we left!

Everyone was very tired and went to bed as soon as we got back to the hotel, all tucked in 'like sausages' as Ryan would say!

Today has been a very enjoyable day for staff and children-despite Neil's injury-and we're all raring to go tomorrow!


Thursday 27th January

Today we are handing the blog over to the kids....

"Skiing is fun but I keep falling over." Lyndon

"My favourite thing is the disco and karaoke. I like going on the chair lift and I get to ski to the hotel at lunch when my friends get the coach." William

"Skiing is good fun and I get to party every day!" Juliet

"I've been skiing and its fun even when I fall over. It makes me tired because it is difficult." Harry

"Skiing is hard and the snow is white." Adam 

"I like skiing and I like the chair lift, it was scary but fun, my teachers haven't even been on it! The food is yummy." April

"Pizza night was great. I like skiing fast." Lara

"Jacqui is my favourite because she plays table football with me and takes me skiing." Ryan

"It's really good watching other people ski down from the top of the mountain. I like looking at the slope at nights. I want to have a go on the chair lift." Joshua


Here are some photos taken by the children at dinner this evening:


 Friday 28th January

We all woke up this morning nice and early for our last day of skiing and it was really foggy outside.

At breakfast we were told by the ski leader that we couldn’t ski in the morning because the conditions were too bad but we were hoping that they would clear up for the afternoon. We managed to amuse ourselves at the hotel - Some choosing to watch a DVD, some choosing to listen to music and some who wanted to go shopping (mostly the girls).

After lunch the ski leader AGAIN told us that there would be no skiing as the conditions hadn’t cleared up, but we had worked that out for ourselves as we could hardly see our hands in front of our faces!!!

As this was the last day all the ski kit had to go back to the hire shop which is at the bottom of a steep hill. Rob and William volunteered to help out. When they returned everyone was very relax listening to music, watching films or playing games downstairs in the bar.

Halfway through one of the DVD’s someone decided it would be a good idea to have a pillow fight and we played hide and seek in the hotel.

Before dinner we had a presentation where all the ski instructors came to the hotel to give each child a medal and record of their progress throughout the week. We all gave our thanks to the instructors then we went upstairs for dinner followed by the last disco.  

This is last entry in the blog...  We’ll see some of you on Sunday and the rest at school on Tuesday!

Ciao !