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Skip Trip 2013 - Read the blog!

17th January 2013

We will be leaving the Runnymede Centre in Chertsey at around 2pm on Saturday and spending the next 20 hours or so on the coach, arriving at Prato Nevoso in Italy on Sunday.

Here's a map of our journey...

Ski Trip coach journey

The weather at the ski resort is cold with some heavy snow forecast early next week.  That's quite a contrast to last year when the only snow on the slopes was man-made!

We'll update the blog as often as we can with news and photos so keep checking! 

Sunday 2Oth January 2013 

Cannot believe that we have finally arrived in Prato Nevoso as the journey was the longest in ski trip history (25 hours!). There were many delays along the way and the weather was atrocious but we were blessed with fantastic coach drivers and amazing patience form the students. When we got to the hotel we were greeted by snowdrifts of up to 3 metres!
We had a very late lunch, unpacked and walked down to the ski shop in the snow to be fitted for skis and boots, then it was back to the hotel for a quick shower before dinner.  Everyone was thrilled with their bedrooms and all went to bed very early on the first night.....shattered!

Monday 21st January 2013

We awoke this morning to glorious sunshine and perfect snow for skiing. Everyone was very excited and eager to get downstairs for breakfast. We have discovered that this is the best meal of the day and probably the most needed. The children looked fantastic kitted out in their ski gear and looked the part on the piste. They all worked really hard in the morning and by the afternoon were really gaining in confidence. Andrew is a natural and Abbie just couldn't get enough of the snow! Lyndon,Harry and Adam had remembered everything from last year and Lyndon was awarded a special certificate this evening. He also is the first person from Portesbery to win the laughing hat for wearing his sallopettes inside out all morning - this means that he has to wear a silly hat all of this evening and another one over his ski helmet tomorrow!  Lara now feels so confident that she went to the top of the second nursery slope without batting an eyelid! Cherelle overcame some difficulties with the help of a few handsome ski instructors - we are all really proud of her!  Daniel took eveything in his stride as usual. We are expecting more sunshine tomorrow and another perfect day on the slopes.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013

What a bunch of sleepy heads we are! One full day of skiing on Monday must have been a shock to the old system and waking up this morning was not top of our children’s agenda! Pretty impressive that both Abbie and Lara managed to get dressed and eat breakfast before they finally woke up full of beans on the coach and raring to go.

Everyone was very excited to get back on the slopes and putting boots and skis on was a piece of cake compared to yesterday, amazing how quickly their independence comes on. By Friday they will hardly need us at all, such amazing young people and we are all so proud of them.

Lyndon settled in to his new group incredibly well and Adam and Daniel although in the same group as yesterday moved up to the higher slope, brilliant progression after just four or five hours practice.

Lara and Abbie are a joy to be around, the novelty of the snow isn’t wearing thin for Abbie and Lara’s team leader commented that she didn’t know which was best, her skiing or her singing.

Harry and Andrew are both such a help to their friends and the adults, not only when out and about but also in the hotel. It’s brilliant to see them both being so grown up and looking out for other people.

No laughing hat for Portesbery today but we did make a couple of nominations!

Everyone is downstairs now enjoying the disco and dancing themselves silly before getting ready for bed. Have a feeling that counting sheep won’t be necessary tonight, another fantastic day with perfect weather conditions and pretty perfect students. 

Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Well, we seem to be having a trip of two halves - yesterday and Monday brilliant sunshine, today we woke up to heavy snow and fog… Everyone worked really hard in the morning despite freezing conditions, wind and deep snow. After our morning ski session there were a lot of cold pupils and staff slowly thawing out whilst having a hearty lunch. All of the pupils were given the choice of whether or not to ski in the afternoon because conditions were so bad. No-one from Portesbery wanted to ski (we don’t blame them – it really was freezing!) except for Adam. He was raring to go and couldn’t wait to get back on the slopes so brave Sam joined him in the punishing conditions! Adam is definitely our most enthusiastic skier this year. This evening he and Abbie received certificates for their enthusiasm and Andrew got one for his fantastic snow plough.

As it is Wednesday, we have reached the usual mid-week blues as staff and pupils are very tired. Louise wins the eyebag competition, but Harry is a close second! Our spirits have been lifted tonight as it is disco night. As if by magic everyone has found the energy to dance – in fact, as we write this Portesbery are doing us proud as they know all the moves to Agadoo and YMCA. They are also learning new dances from other schools and making new friends whilst busting some great moves! 

Thursday 24th January 2013

Day four on the slopes and back to perfect skiing conditions, the sun was shining on us today. Everyone was enthusiastic about getting back out there and they weren’t discouraged by yesterday’s less enjoyable climate.

The children are still coming on leaps and bounds, we are very lucky to have a lot of extra skiing helpers this year so waiting in between turns is really very minimal.

As a special treat we all went to a café in the village and enjoyed the best hot chocolate any of us had ever tasted, so thick you could stand your spoon up in it! Thanks Clare Perry for the tip.

Pizza night tonight and all healthy choices went out of the window, another slice anyone?

Very proud of Cherelle today who was awarded a certificate for completing five runs down the slope in a row without asking to have a rest.

All tired this evening after a very busy day, not much energy left for dancing and an early night was had by all!

Friday 25th January 2013

Our final day on the slopes didn’t disappoint.  Yet another beautiful sunny day and perfect ski conditions for the students to practise snow-ploughs and turns. All of the students have made progress this week which was recognised this evening when we were joined by our ski instructors at the hotel for a presentation event. Our Portesbery School group has been spread across five ski groups with Lyndon having started in one group and moving up mid-way through the week. All the students were awarded with a certificate and medal and we are all very proud of their individual achievements on the slopes.

After the presentation event we had dinner which started with traditional Italian Gnocchi followed by good old fashioned Fish and Chips!!! Lara and Harry both received certificates for their skiing and progress over the week. No ski trip would be complete without a Friday night disco. As we type the kids are boogieing away on the dance floor…we just don’t know where they get the energy from!

Tomorrow morning we will have to tidy our rooms and pack our bags and say goodbye to Hotel Mondole before we set off on the long journey home…